Friday, February 27, 2009

Ghetto Tubeless In Pictures

This is a step by step with pictures on setting up a Ghetto Tubeless on a 29er

First, get a 24" tube, I use schrader valves since it makes adding sealant easier.

I'm using Strapping Tape over the spoke holes and under the "tube"

If you have presta drilled rims, you'll need to drill out your rims with a 21/64" bit

Cut tube down the middle opposite of valve side.

Stretch tube over the rim and fold sides down

Soap up tire bead, mount, and inflate (do
not exceed 40psi)

Remove valve core (Slime comes with core remover tool) and add 3oz of sealant per tire.

Reinstall valve core and inflate to 30psi. Use soapy water to find leaks and swish sealant around to seal up the major leaks (don't worry about completely sealing, it will happen when you go for a ride). Once you mostly have sealed everything up, cut the excess tube material.

Go for a ride around the block a few times to help the sealant seal up the bead and sidewalls. You should be pretty much set to go. Don't worry if you lose a few psi before the first few rides, everything will eventually seal up and your tires will hold air as well as a tubed tires. Check every few months for sealant in the tire (you can usually hear it when you shake the tire). Depending on where you ride, you may need to add sealant every 3-6 months...though in the wet PNW, I have not had to add any in over three months.

For more instructions, see the Homebrew 2Bliss Goo and Rim Strip post.

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  1. I find it easier to cut the excess tube material of with sharp scissors, and if the outside of the tube and tire are soped up.

    I also think maximum safety pressure for larger tires are 35psi. (I have blown off 3 BigBettys at around 37-39psi under installing, due to fatal bead failure!)

    Nice walk-trough, by the way! :)


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