Friday, April 10, 2009

Ghetto Tubeless Update

I thought I would give a 3 month update for my Ghetto Tubeless experiment. I have run two sets of 29er tires, both with wire beads and here are some results for each.

Kenda Nevegal 2.2"
-Mounted very easily, able to seat bead up to 60psi (did not go above that)
-Sealed well after a couple of rides, no seepage after sealing
-Ran 28psi with no issues
-Holds pressure once sealed as well or better than a tube

IRC Mythos II 2.1"
-Looser bead fit, a little more difficult to mount
-Bead blew off at 50psi when mounting (made a fantastically loud boom that sent my wife to the garage asking what I was doing).
-Continues to seep small amounts of sealant from sidewalls even after several rides
-Holds air as well as tubes despite seepage issues
-Ran at 30psi with no issues

So far no flats, no burps, no tire rolling...probably due to the 26.5mm wide rims and WTB's fantastic Safety Seal bead lock...I highly recommend these rims for Ghetto Tubeless.

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