Monday, May 4, 2009

New Frame

I have enjoyed the Windsor, but standover has always been very tight. I really like the long ETT on the Windsor but when Performance had a one day sale on their Access 29er frame for $107.99 with 10% discount...I couldn't resist. It does have about a .5" shorter ETT, but I'm compensating by using a 1cm longer stem. Frame is 4lbs 1oz for a 19" and total bike weight is 28lbs 9oz


  1. Really. I didn't know you bought a new bike frame for yourself. hm.



  2. built up a 29er w/same frameset for my brother.
    28.1 lbs finished. pics are here on flickr:

    i think you are the only other person in the world with this frame...for now.

  3. I have an Access XCL 26er frame that I built up as an SS for my son. So far its been a very good frame - and he loves the weight. Of course his last bike was a wallyworld POS.


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