Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bicycle Repair

Its summer and the only bike shop in the Longview/Kelso/Rainier area is getting busy. I am once again providing bicycle service for very reasonable prices. I am a former bicycle mechanic that worked in the industry for 8 years, including several years for Gregg's Cycles in Seattle. I was an assistant service manager and warranty manager for their Aurora store. I have a large assortment of bicycle tools that allows me to do most repairs.

Because I have very little overhead, I can provide service at very low prices. I charge $20 an hour and have some set rates which include:
-Minor Tune (1.5 hours) $30
includes adjusting drivetrain adjustment and lubrication, brake adjustment, headset adjustment, bottom bracket adjustment, hub adjustment, and wheel true
-Major Tune (2.5 hours) $50
includes everything above plus repacking and lubing hubs, headset, and bottom bracket with a waterproof marine grease (perfect for winter riding)
-Wheel True/Spoke Replacement (.5 hour) $10 per wheel
-Shimano or similar hub overhaul (.5 hour) $10 per hub
-Road Bike bar wrap (.25 hour) $5

Addition service can be provided including minor fork and shock servicing at hourly rate.

Parts are extra and can either purchased from Bob's Sporting Goods or be ordered from Universal Cycles in Portland. I will provide the part descriptions and numbers for you to order. I can order parts for you but require cash up front.

Please contact Aaron at for an appointment.

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