Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bicycle upgrades

Well the Access 29er has been given some upgrades that have put it on quite a diet. I got a Nashbar Slide saddle which is the same Velo saddle as the Sette Sonic saddle I love. I put the Sonic (which Sette doesn't sell anymore) on the Landshark and put the black and red Glide on the 29er. I also got a new 34 tooth Race Face chainring. I have been using a 34 tooth Salsa chainring which is not ramped or pinned. It was not very smooth as you can imagine and I had trouble downshifting to my small ring. The Race Face ring will shift much smoother. I picked up some ESI Chunky grips as well, still have hand issues (I've had hand issues on bikes for YEARS). The Ergon grips were an improvement but I've heard great things about these silicon grips so I'm giving them a try. After swapping grips and chainrings, I found my bike was 28lbs 8oz (down from 28lbs 9oz)...not much of a drop. But then I traded my Kenda Nevegal tires which IMO were overkill on a 29er for a set of Stans Raven 2.2" tires. These are very low knob tubeless ready tires. Given the low pressure and greater contact patch a tubeless 29er tire can give...I believe they will be awesome for the dry trails through next fall. I mounted them up with my Ghetto Tubeless setup (using the same "rim strips") and they aired up right away. Put in 3oz of my homebrew sealant and away we go. Bike weight is now 27lbs even...I dropped 1.5lbs of rotating weight!!! Cant wait to ride them this weekend.

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