Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Getting Ready for the Tour de Blast

In less than a couple weeks, I will be riding the Tour de Blast. My ambitions are a little smaller this year. Last year I rode all the way up to Johnston Ridge, only to falter on the way back on the climb between Cold Water Lake and Elk Rock. I made it 56 miles, but it was a hot and muggy day and I made a poor saddle decision on was causing me lots of pain. This year my ambition is to Elk Rock and back...62 miles round trip but less climbing and more descending. After a very successful McKenzie River Trail ride (25 miles of singletrack), I have gotten in a 18 mile mountain bike ride and a 41 mile road ride. I'm feeling pretty good except a sore spot on my inner leg...not sure what it is but it feels like a gland that swells up after a ride then goes down after a few days. It happened on the McKenzie River trip too and the only connection is I was wearing the same shorts. I have several pairs so I might switch it up this weekend and see if it makes any difference. I am hoping for a clear day as the scenery on the Tour de Blast is amazing...probably the most scenic road ride I've ever been on. I am bringing a camera this year and hope to get some great shots.


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