Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tour de Blast

Mission Accomplished...I set out to ride to Elk Rock and back on the Tour de Blast...a total of 55 miles with a climb from Toutle (500ft) to Elk Rock (3800ft) and back. Along the way there are some rollers so the total climbing was about 4000ft. It was cold and we got rained on right at the end. Made it up to Elk Rock and was soaked from sweat yet it was 46 degrees. For the 8 mile descent with speeds averaging 35mph I stuffed large Fed Ex Tyvek envelope down the front of my jersey. My hands, toes, and head were cold on the first few miles of descent...but my torso stayed warm. Of course it warmed up on the descent.

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  1. Hey...I think I talked with you on a side street on this ride with my boyfriend Bill. How funny! We made it to the top!!!! Grueling ride!



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