Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Adding weight to my 29er

Yes, my bike has actually gained 6 oz this week (its doing better than me though!). First off, I switched to Time ATAC Aliums for pedals from my Crank Bros Candy C's. I did this for one main reason, I find when riding over log crossings on my 29er that I have pedal strike more often. With my Crank Bros Candy's, this means I hit the bottom of the mechanism and as with Egg Beaters this cause the pedal to release! This has nearly caused several crashes. I like the Crank Bros pedals but I can't have this issue anymore so the Time pedal is my choice. They weigh a few ounces more so I gained a little weight. The second is something I haven't used since 1996...bar ends. As I am getting older, I need more hand positions to relieve some of the numbing in my hands. So I got a pair of NOS Titec bar ends and then trimmed them to "shorty" length. I'm riding tomorrow so we'll see how it goes.

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