Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ghetto Tubeless #2

OK, so the Ghetto tubeless experiment has work pretty well. However, the other day while airing up my tires I ripped the valve stem from the rim strip. As I didn't have time to go through the process of redoing the setup...I pulled the tire and strip and threw another tire and tube on for my ride. Boy, did I notice the difference right away on the trail!

Anyway, as I am currently using "Tubeless Ready" tires, I thought I'd try the Gorilla Tape method of tubeless. I'm a tinkerer with bikes so my curiosity has me trying new things even if there is nothing wrong with what I'm using at the moment. I purchased a roll of 1"x30' Gorilla Tape for $2.99 from the hardware store. I already had two old Mavic UST valve stems laying around so I decided I'd use those. I left the layer of strapping tape over my spoke holes and carefully did a wrap of the Gorilla Tape making sure there were no air bubbles. The 1" width was perfect for my WTB Speed Disc AM rims. I overlapped at the valve stem hole, then punched a hole through the tape and installed the mavic valve stems. I soaped up the bead, installed 3oz of my sealant, and hit the compressor. It took all of 5 seconds before the bead poped into place! I did the sealant shake and everything sealed up quicky, including the valve stem. This worked so well I pulled the front tire to and did the same thing.

Now, I haven't rode this setup yet and I am using "Tubeless Ready" tires which have a stouter bead. So I am by no means discrediting the Ghetto Tube method...I'm just seeing if this is a viable option.

UPDATE...half a dozen rides and not a single issue, no burps and no flats and tires hold air as well as tubes.

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