Monday, August 24, 2009

Dream Bikes

Well, mountain bike trails still closed and I've been sick...blah! I did actually get out for a 29 mile ride Saturday on the Shark and will get another ride today so that's something. Work is especially slow right now (this should be the busy season) so in my bordom today...I used the Wrench Science webpage to build my two dream bikes. One is my mountain bike and one is my road bike, I didn't include a cyclocross bike but I'd probably have one of those two. Both bikes are US made from Titanium alloy and use a lot of SRAM and DT components.

Moots XZ with SRAM XX

Litespeed Archon with SRAM Red

There you go, $18k worth of bikes...better go buy that Mega Millions Ticket, its up to $252 million!

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