Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bicycle Lubricants

As a former bike shop mechanic, I can tell you that the mark up on bicycle lubricants is huge. In fact, one of the main shops I worked for actually purchased its fork oil from the next door motosport shop because it was cheaper than buying bicycle fork oil at cost. So here are some helpful hints for saving money on lubricants.

Fork Oil-none of the fork companies make their own fork oil, they simply reliable existing product and then double the price. The next time you want to change out your oil, here are the actual products from a motosport shop. Remember that fork oil weight is not consistent from one company to the next.

Marzocchi 7.5wt-Golden Spectro Cartridge Fork Oil 125/150
Fox 7wt-Torco RSF Medium
Fox 10wt-Silkolene Pro RSF 10wt
Rock Shox-Maxima Racing Fork Fluid of equivalent weight
Manitou-Motorex Fork Oil of equivalent weight, Motorex 5w-40 oil is used for the semi-bath

Also, Mobil 1 ATF or Redline ATF is a good equivalent to Fox 7wt, Rock Shox 10wt, and Manitou 7.5wt.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

More riding at Stella

I've gotten in a good amount of riding at Stella this week and am really enjoying it. The trails are in super shape right now with just enough moisture to give them a tack while making the log and root crossings a little challenging. The only downside is the spiders, man there are a lot of them right now and they're BIG! After putting the Stans Raven tires back on, I've had zero issues with the Gorilla Tape tubeless set-up. I'm still amazed at how much traction these tires have.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Back to Stella

Well the trails opened back up after the Labor Day Weekend rains and I played hooky from work to go ride. Didn't do a real long ride as I am recovering from an illness (possibly H1N1). One note, Kenda Klaw tires suck tubeless...the rear would not hold air as it leaked through the various amount of pin holes (almost as if Kenda purposely put holes in the casing to keep from running them tubeless). I put the Stans Raven's back on and they sealed up in a snap. Going back out Sunday, can't wait!