Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Fall Colors Ride

I pulled out the wool, put on the fenders, and headed out to Stella for the first time this Fall. As assumed, the main logging road was a bit muddy (its always the muddiest part of the ride) but the trails were in good condition. But the leaves were down and the roots were wet so it required some precision riding in the slick conditions. The thing I love about riding out at Stella is that I rarely see another person and I can just zone out. I don't need to worry about if some dipshit driver texting and driving is going to hit me. I don't have to breath exhaust or nearly piss my pants when a Semi passes me with only a couple feet of room. No, mountain biking just puts me versus the natural elements...and all I have to think about is just keeping the bike upright and on the trail.

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