Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Proper way to lube chain with wet lube

1) If you can remove your chain, clean and dry then lay it flat with the rollers up (on something you don't mind getting oily). Put one drop over each roller making sure it saturates the entire roller and side plate overlap.
- If you must do it on the bike, clean and dry the chain. Set the chain in the big ring/small cog. Then put one drop on each roller on the inside (cog side) of the chain.

2) Let soak into chain at least 10-15 minutes, longer is better

3) Wipe chain with dry lint free rag and install (if removed) into big ring/small cog combo. Rotate crankset while wiping chain with rag. Wipe until you cannot see any oil spinning off the derailleur pulleys.

4) Wipe derailleur pulleys and shift chain off of the big ring and wipe down chainring.

5) After rides, simply wipe off any crud. Do not re-lube until your chain needs it (ie Poor shifting, chain suck, screaming in pain sound).

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