Saturday, November 21, 2009

Trail Work and Wet Rides

Saturday I spent a few hours doing trail work with the Growler's Gulch crew today. We were working on several new trails to add to the ever growing network of trails. I would like to get a bit more trail work in as I feel its important to contribute to the trails we ride.

Sunday we hit the trails with a good sized group of the Growlers Gulch crew and three dogs. I'm getting to know the group better and I am really enjoying my time riding, even in the really wet weather conditions!

On another note, I've been playing with chain lubricants a little more. My Mobil 1 50/50 mix is good for dry (but not dusty) weather, but is not thick enough to resist washing off in wet conditions. I'm also finding it turns black on anything short of a freshly cleaned chain. I have been using Synthetic ATF strait up and it has been working pretty well in most conditions without turning black. However for the really nasty conditions like its starting to get around the PNW, you need something thicker. I happen to have a bottle of Phil's Tenacious Oil sitting around and for the really nasty conditions, this stuff is the way to go. I wouldn't use it in drier or dusty conditions but for keeping your chain lubed in the wet and mud, its the way to go. Now if you want to go a little ghetto, Phil's Tenacious Oil is simply a Chain & Bar oil. So you can run down to your local hardware store and pick up some and it will work just the same.


  1. Interesting. I have never used tenacious oil on a chain. Used to use it on shift cables, but with the move to 9spd and 10spd is is a bit sticky for that.

    This year has been a wet one in the SE. I have ridden in more mud, wet dirt (like mud, but not sticky), and water than I have in all my previous 15 years. So I took a fair amount more interest in my chain lube. RocknRoll lubes have been very reliable for me and I like that you can go back and forth without a degreasing between the Gold and the Extreme. Either will work well in ill conditions, but the Extreme seems to hang around a bit longer. They do darken some but don't seem to really gunk up like triflow or other heavier oils do.

  2. I've found many products over the years that do a good job of keeping chains quiet while not picking up dust. I've used several myself with varying levels of success and cleanliness. My concern is how well they actually lubricate the chain rollers and side plate overlap. I have not used RocknRoll lubricants so I have no input there, however their website clearly states "Do not drip the lube on like you would oil-this is not oil!". Not being oil based would be a concern of mine.

  3. I can't claim to know much about what is in the R&R lube. It is a wax type lube, but with more solvent base. The solvent base supposedly cleans as you apply and the wax hangs around. It works a lot better than the pedros and white lightening wax lubes. Despite all the much the drivetrain has remained fairly clean using R&R, so I am not inclined to go searching for better. I used triflow for over a decade, it works, but with all the water it doesn't have enough holding power.

  4. I too have found that the dry lubes from Pedros and White Lightening are not up to snuff. And I also have found that Tri-Flow works best as a cable lubricant, its just too thin for wet weather riding. I have found with the Phil Wood Tenacious Oil that if you follow the oiling procedure from the Chain-L (another very thick chain lube) web page that it actually does not leave a sticky mess at all. Plus when I lube the chain on the bike, I lube the inside versus the outside of the chain. This keeps the part of the chain that is most likely to pick up crud free of a lot of oil.


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