Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tubeless Explosion!!!!

My Gorilla Tape tubeless with a non-TLR Bontrager ACX 29" x 2.2". It was a total PITA to get seated, but I only had 30 psi in it and had it laying on its side to seal the bead. I picked it up to wipe the soap off the sidewall and was chatting with Jen and Scout when KABOOOM!!!!!!!!

We got a latex mist on us but nobody hurt. It actually didn't even scare Scout much. I examined the tire and the kevlar bead actually failed. The casing was intact, but there was a gap in the bead where the kevlar ruptured. I purchased them used, so I don't know if they might have already been damaged or not but there were no sign that they had ever been run tubeless.

So, back to wire bead IRC Mythos II for now. I did get a set of Continental Valve Stems (cut out of a couple 650C tubes I got on clearance). So now I got removable valve core presta valves. I modified a spoke wrench for a core remover.


  1. Hey '72, FWIW Caffelatex can be injected through a Presta valve with the core still in place. I haven't given Ghetto a try yet, but here in PHX it is beneficial to have goo in tire or toob - I've been running it for a short time in my tube setup and so far so good. Sure nice that I can make my own 'Slime' tubes out of a regular tube...

    Caffelatex: ( I spotted this stuff from some writeups that Guitar Ted did over at - he has very good things to say about it both in tubes and ghetto.)



  2. Use a small crescent wrench (adjustable) to remove and reinstall your valve cores on those presta / Conti's.

  3. 10 minutes with a dremel on a Park Spoke Wrench (I have about a half dozen of these, multiple sizes and I prefer my Spokeys for truing wheels) and now I can much easier remove the core just like twisting a nipple

  4. don't use CO2 with the caffe latex. It activates it, solidifying it inside your tube or tire rendering your flat protection useless.


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