Saturday, November 7, 2009


I think I need to live somewhere drier. I tried to beat the rain this morning but to no avail. And when it started to come down, it came down in buckets. I don't mind riding in the typical NW drizzle as once I'm in the trees I don't really even notice it. But today it was raining so hard that the canopy was of no protection. On top of that, it was a COLD rain...chilling to the bone. I ran the gateway trail at Stella which when dry is a super fun run down a root infested trail. When wet it is a skill challenge to how well you can keep your bike upright. All was good, and I enjoyed it but the 2 mile logging road ride back to the car was miserable.

I did get a set of used Salsa 17 degree bars and installed them for this ride. I put a 10mm longer stem to compensate for the extra sweep. The first couple miles they felt weird, then after that I barely noticed them. I'll be giving them a few more rides before I give them a full review.


  1. Tough to beat the quality of local and nearby rides and the year round riding weather here in Phoenix.

  2. I know, I went to college from 1998-2001 in Las Vegas...Blue Diamond, Cottonwood Valley, Bootleg Canyon were all within 30 minutes of my appartment.

  3. Hey '72

    linked to your blog from who-knows-where and liked it. Then I noticed we are both in the EHS field. I am an industrial hygienist at Los Alamos Nat'l Laboratory. But really I'm a mountain biker. Check me out at

  4. Thank you, your blog has some fantastic pictures


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