Sunday, December 6, 2009

Winter Ride...and Hike

Woke up to a beautiful sunny morning with a dusting of snow on the ground. It was a chilly 34 degrees in the sun, much less in the shade. Hit Stella this morning for a group ride on the lightly snow covered trails. All bundled up, it felt great as the air was crisp and cold and the landscape was stunning. I lowered my front tire pressure to get a little better traction on the icy trail...maybe a little too low. As I set out on the Skeleton trail, I rounded a corner and rolled my front tire...CRASH! OK, nothing broken...flat tire though as the tire bead rolled off the rim. So I pull out a tube and my pump...shit where is my pump! Two weeks in a row my pack has ate something, last week no mini tool, this week no pump. I have no idea where they went! Anyway, everyone else already had headed down the trail so I'm on my own for a 3 mile hike out in cycling shoes through snow. Nobody came back for me, so much for trail etiquette.

Speaking of tires, I had converted back to Ghetto Tubeless using a split 24" tube as the new Michelin tires would not seat up using Gorilla Tape. With Ghetto they aired up right away and actually held air without sealant. I just ran my front too low (~15-20 psi) today...if I'd left it at 30 psi it would have been fine.


  1. Sorry to hear about yer tire woes...I know how ya feel,been there. But hey,ya gots a cool time in,in the woods,which is better htan it coulda been. Better ride next time :)


  2. Nice. I am rarely impressed with pressure less than about 30psi. Sure I can run it, but I will eventually blow the tire off the rim. That can at a minimum ruin a ride.

    Nails on the chalkboard. Yep, your cyclo-computer wiring has the same effect. If you run the pickup on the other side of the fork the cable can be coupled with the front hydro line for a much cleaner install.

  3. Yes I know the computer wiring is not the cleanest setup...if I was really serious about it I'd get a wireless setup. I normally don't run a computer on my MTB, but I'm tracking mileage on the chain as I try a new lube.


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