Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mountain Bike Season Over For Me

Well not entirely but it will be greatly restricted. The trail system I spend 90% of my time on is private land owned by Weyerhauser. Because of the dry spring and now record high temperatures, the land has been closed to all public access. The other "local" area in Castle Rock is owned by Longview Fiber and also has been closed. This means any mountain bike rides will require longer drives to public lands. So it looks like I'll be on the road bike more and will get limited trail rides this summer.

I wishing for a August monsoon season!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ghetto Tubeless #2

OK, so the Ghetto tubeless experiment has work pretty well. However, the other day while airing up my tires I ripped the valve stem from the rim strip. As I didn't have time to go through the process of redoing the setup...I pulled the tire and strip and threw another tire and tube on for my ride. Boy, did I notice the difference right away on the trail!

Anyway, as I am currently using "Tubeless Ready" tires, I thought I'd try the Gorilla Tape method of tubeless. I'm a tinkerer with bikes so my curiosity has me trying new things even if there is nothing wrong with what I'm using at the moment. I purchased a roll of 1"x30' Gorilla Tape for $2.99 from the hardware store. I already had two old Mavic UST valve stems laying around so I decided I'd use those. I left the layer of strapping tape over my spoke holes and carefully did a wrap of the Gorilla Tape making sure there were no air bubbles. The 1" width was perfect for my WTB Speed Disc AM rims. I overlapped at the valve stem hole, then punched a hole through the tape and installed the mavic valve stems. I soaped up the bead, installed 3oz of my sealant, and hit the compressor. It took all of 5 seconds before the bead poped into place! I did the sealant shake and everything sealed up quicky, including the valve stem. This worked so well I pulled the front tire to and did the same thing.

Now, I haven't rode this setup yet and I am using "Tubeless Ready" tires which have a stouter bead. So I am by no means discrediting the Ghetto Tube method...I'm just seeing if this is a viable option.

UPDATE...half a dozen rides and not a single issue, no burps and no flats and tires hold air as well as tubes.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

53.4 mph

Hit on the Land Shark down a 9% grade on Green Mountain Road...and I touched the brakes!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Two and half hours at Stella

Got a nice ride in yesterday at Stella after work. A good solid 2.5 hour workout. The new bar ends were nice, though I must take extra caution not to clip trees with them. The ESI grips are just not working for me, I think I'll go back to the Ergon grips.

Also, it appears that horse riders are now using the the pristine singletrack instead of staying on the logging roads and skid roads. I have a few issues with this. First off, not only have the horse riders never contributed to making or maintaining those trails...but they actually knock a bunch of debris into the trails. They also leave large divots in otherwise pristine trails, thus causing them to get muddy instead of the well drained soils they are right now. But my biggest issue by far is horse shit! Why do horse riders feel its OK for their animals to shit right in the middle of a trail and just leave it there? Really, would you like your horse to shit on your front porch so you have to walk through it. Use a poop catcher if your going to ride the trails! RANT OVER

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Adding weight to my 29er

Yes, my bike has actually gained 6 oz this week (its doing better than me though!). First off, I switched to Time ATAC Aliums for pedals from my Crank Bros Candy C's. I did this for one main reason, I find when riding over log crossings on my 29er that I have pedal strike more often. With my Crank Bros Candy's, this means I hit the bottom of the mechanism and as with Egg Beaters this cause the pedal to release! This has nearly caused several crashes. I like the Crank Bros pedals but I can't have this issue anymore so the Time pedal is my choice. They weigh a few ounces more so I gained a little weight. The second is something I haven't used since ends. As I am getting older, I need more hand positions to relieve some of the numbing in my hands. So I got a pair of NOS Titec bar ends and then trimmed them to "shorty" length. I'm riding tomorrow so we'll see how it goes.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Checking In

I haven't posted since the Tour de Blast...but that doesn't mean I haven't been riding. I was guided on the awesome trails as Growlers Gulch last weekend for 3.5 hours. A bit more technical than my "home" trails of Stella Ridge but similar. It was a blast and I look forward to riding them again. I had a big crash last Tuesday riding through a field at my lunch break. I rode into a fence wire that I didn't see. My bike survived with just a small scratch an a slightly kinked brake hose. But I got some wicked bruises from the wire.