Sunday, January 3, 2010

Fall like conditions ride

It felt almost balmy today at 43 degrees after several sub freezing rides. I was even in shorts and knee warmers! The trails were mucking in places, the roots were snot slippery, and the mud was sticky. Sounds like a great all ride, except it's January. The Michelin tires handled like previous versions I've owned. Great in mud but slick on roots, so it makes things fun.

On another note I have been "testing" a new chain lube that I had mentioned on a previous post. Well, after a half dozen rides the verdict is getting clearer. I have found this lube to be a very good wet lube. It soaks into the chain rollers well, stays put, resists wash off, and does not attract much dirt. I simply wipe my chain down after a ride and I'm good to go. It is G-Oil Bar and Chain Oil that is readily available at Home Depot. The product meets the ASTM Ultimate Biodegradable rating. It probably won't make PETA happy because it's made from animal fat. I like it but might look for a plant based alternative.

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