Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My "Green" Collection of Lubricants and Cleaners

CHAIN LUBE-Renewable Lubricants Bio-Pro 15W-50 Bar & Chain Oil diluted 50/50 with canola oil. Meets ASTM's "Ultimate Biodegradable" rating, made with a canola base oil. This replaces standard wet style chain lube (I don't find dry wax based lubes to be effective). Can be used full strength for really nasty conditions.
DEGREASER-Purple Power which is certified biodegradable by SCS. Works very well diluted as a cleaner and degreaser, especially degreasing bio lubes that clean easier.
GREASE-Lubrimatic Green Soy Based Lithium Grease is readily biodegradable by OECD 301C (BOD/ThOD) Test Method. Offers 4x the bearing wear protection as mineral oil based lubricants.
LIGHT OIL-Tom's Secret Formula B-404 All Purpose Lubricant is biodegradable and is used for lubricating derailleur pivots, cables, and shifters.

I will be testing these products and giving long term reports. Initial impressions have me very optimistic about their performance.

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