Sunday, January 31, 2010

Two muddy rides, one clean chain

I got the nice privilege to ride twice this weekend. On Saturday I rode with the Growler's Gulch Girls on a nice ride. The trails were in good shape with only a few muddy spots. Today I rode Stella and found it to be much muddier. The trails were quite muddy in some spots and it was quite wet. Great test for the new chain lube, and the end result...clean chain and no shifting issues all weekend. Looks like my lube is going to be tested at a upcoming 24 hour race in New Mexico, I anxious to get rider feedback on it.

On another note, I am once again having a sticking piston problem with my Avid Juicy 5 brakes. After using Hayes for 5 years, I switched to using Avid. The braking power and modulation is nice, but these brakes have been a bit troublesome. Also, the clearance between the rotors and pads is very small so if your rotor is even a slight amount out of true there is some rub. Nothing major but annoying none the less.


  1. So hey, what 24 hour race in New Mexico?

    On the Avids - easy fix - you gotta lube the pistons. Take out the wheel / rotor. Carefully squeeze the lever to expose the pistons. Apply lube to exposed pistons and shove 'em back in. Repeat. If only one piston is moving when you squeeze the lever, hold it in place w/ a screwdriver blade while you squeeze the lever and the other one will move. Lube it good. Repeat

  2. That is more or less what I did...I find that screwdrivers chip pistons so I use the box end of a 10mm combination wrench which fits right into the piston and doesn't hit the center post.


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