Sunday, February 28, 2010

Belly Video

Just a short video of me descending Belly at Growlers Gulch

Monday, February 22, 2010

Chain Lubricant Update


My home brew chain lubricant was used at the 24 hours of Old Pueblo and the reports back were positive. The chains stayed lubricated throughout the race and did not collect dust and grime in the dry desert environment. This is on top of my successful test in wet and muddy conditions. Nothing on long term wear protection yet but so far so good.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sunshine in February

The weather was absolutely perfect today for a bike ride. I headed out for a ride with the Growlers Gulch Girls in the sunshine, though it was a little cold. No matter, I wore shorts today the sun and the cold doesn't bother me. The trails were in wonderful condition, I was carving around them and feeling great until...CRASH! I guess I found a slick spot and down I went with my shin impacting my pedal quite harshly.

OK, no big deal, back on the bike. Rode up the road and recovered just in time for a fun descent down Walk in the Park except...CRASH! WTF? Same thing, front tire washed out and down I went, this time impacting my left knee into something and bruising it good (sorry, no picture). Anyway, still managed to pick myself up and finish the ride with Beauty, Belly, and Mr. T without any more drama. I must have just been trying to keep up with Samantha and Tonya too much!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Camelback Contents

Here is an idea of what I carry on the trails, I tend to be someone who often fixes other people's bikes so I carry a little extra. From Left to Right
-Pruning Shears multi tool for doing a little trail clearing. Includes a small saw and knife blade as well.
-Sette bicycle multi tool, includes tire levers
-Small container with extra cleat bolts, rotor bolts, chain links, quick link, caliper bolt, etc. On the outside is duct tape and a hose clamp for a blown air fork.
-Extra dérailleur hanger for my frame.
-Small bottle of lube
-Whistle with compass, matches, and a flint striker
-Gorilla Tape...multiple uses from patching tires to patching people.
-Emergency blanket
-26" Presta Tube...fits all 26" and 29" rims
-Zip ties...multiple uses
-Pump with multi head
-Toilet paper with hand sanitizer
-First Aid Kit with Ace Bandage, gloves, aspirin and benedryl, etc.
-Fix-a-flat bicycle tire inflater and sealer.
-(Not seen but on pack) LED mini light and knife.
-Any snacks that I bring
-Water (50-100 oz depending on length of ride)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Great Ride at Growlers

he sun decided to show up today and I actually got to ride in shorts! Rode with the Growlers Gulch Girls and we rode many of the trails. The climb out of Big Easy has been a nemesis of mine since last summer. Despite it being quite slick today, I finally cleared that climb! Here is a photo and video from today's ride.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Environmental Friendly Product Links

So I have shown what I am using for plant based biodegradable chain lube, grease, and cleaner. But for many, they don't want to go through the trouble of making their own product. Often they just want to buy the product at their local bike shop. Here is a link of specific bicycle products, if your local bike shop does not carry these products, encourage them too. Don't just buy a product because they claim biodegradable, many are only partially biodegradable and still contain petroleum products.

Chainj, Go, Ice Wax 2.0, Bio Grease, Green Fizz, Orange Peelz, Pro J

Ernesto Lube
Chain Lube

Green Oil
Chain Lube, Grease, Chain Cleaner, Bike Cleaner


Phil Wood