Sunday, February 7, 2010

Camelback Contents

Here is an idea of what I carry on the trails, I tend to be someone who often fixes other people's bikes so I carry a little extra. From Left to Right
-Pruning Shears multi tool for doing a little trail clearing. Includes a small saw and knife blade as well.
-Sette bicycle multi tool, includes tire levers
-Small container with extra cleat bolts, rotor bolts, chain links, quick link, caliper bolt, etc. On the outside is duct tape and a hose clamp for a blown air fork.
-Extra dérailleur hanger for my frame.
-Small bottle of lube
-Whistle with compass, matches, and a flint striker
-Gorilla Tape...multiple uses from patching tires to patching people.
-Emergency blanket
-26" Presta Tube...fits all 26" and 29" rims
-Zip ties...multiple uses
-Pump with multi head
-Toilet paper with hand sanitizer
-First Aid Kit with Ace Bandage, gloves, aspirin and benedryl, etc.
-Fix-a-flat bicycle tire inflater and sealer.
-(Not seen but on pack) LED mini light and knife.
-Any snacks that I bring
-Water (50-100 oz depending on length of ride)

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