Friday, February 5, 2010

Environmental Friendly Product Links

So I have shown what I am using for plant based biodegradable chain lube, grease, and cleaner. But for many, they don't want to go through the trouble of making their own product. Often they just want to buy the product at their local bike shop. Here is a link of specific bicycle products, if your local bike shop does not carry these products, encourage them too. Don't just buy a product because they claim biodegradable, many are only partially biodegradable and still contain petroleum products.

Chainj, Go, Ice Wax 2.0, Bio Grease, Green Fizz, Orange Peelz, Pro J

Ernesto Lube
Chain Lube

Green Oil
Chain Lube, Grease, Chain Cleaner, Bike Cleaner


Phil Wood



  1. Don't forget Dumonde Tech Bio Green - our shop has switched completely to it.

  2. Check above Jason, I have it listed. If it works like their regular product, it should do very well. Dumonde was my favorite "dry" lubricant many years ago when I lived in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.


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