Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sunshine in February

The weather was absolutely perfect today for a bike ride. I headed out for a ride with the Growlers Gulch Girls in the sunshine, though it was a little cold. No matter, I wore shorts today the sun and the cold doesn't bother me. The trails were in wonderful condition, I was carving around them and feeling great until...CRASH! I guess I found a slick spot and down I went with my shin impacting my pedal quite harshly.

OK, no big deal, back on the bike. Rode up the road and recovered just in time for a fun descent down Walk in the Park except...CRASH! WTF? Same thing, front tire washed out and down I went, this time impacting my left knee into something and bruising it good (sorry, no picture). Anyway, still managed to pick myself up and finish the ride with Beauty, Belly, and Mr. T without any more drama. I must have just been trying to keep up with Samantha and Tonya too much!

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