Saturday, April 3, 2010

A cold, wet, and muddy January April!

Maybe one of the muddiest rides of the year, and cold (car thermometer said 39 degrees at the start of the ride). I recently got a set of Salsa Carbon bars and I'm happy to be back on carbon. My hands always do better on carbon bars as they just have a way of damping out the little vibrations that otherwise go strait to my hands. I also was trying out a 36t cog I had got from E-bay on my bike. It did not perform as well as the cog bent and also showed excessive wear after only one ride. The seller has had good communication with me as we have exchanged some ideas so I hope he will allow me to send it back. My "custom" front mud guard worked fantastic as I had the cleanest face in the group at the end of the ride. I've never liked "moto" style front fenders as I cannot see my front tire well when going over log crossings and such. This simple device I made works almost as good but you can't even see it when riding the bike. Good ride overall, it's good to be back on the bike.

Custom front fender and bent rear cog (but notice my chain is pretty clean for such a muddy ride):

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