Saturday, May 1, 2010

April in the dumps

April was not a kind month for me, I got a total of two rides in the entire month! My health has been faltering for a few months prior and it all came to a head in April. First, I got diagnosed with Sleep Apnea. Turns out having a small mouth and lower jaw combined with a large tongue is bad. So that explained why I have not been recovering from rides and my fatigue levels had been on the rise. Then, right after spending the night at the Hospital for my sleep study...I came down with a nasty chest cold that turned into Bronchitis. And just when I was recovering from that, I get a nasty ear infection that goes bad and I'm now dealing with a ruptured ear drum. And to make matters worse, to get in for my ear I had to see a doctor that is not my normal physician and he prescribed me a sulfa drug for some reason. Well guess what, turns out I am allergic to sulfa drugs so that made me even sicker. So while I might be out another week or so recovering, I am looking forward to nicer weather and my health improving so I can get out and ride again!

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