Sunday, May 23, 2010

Riding with Ghosts of Ancient Giants

Normally when I ride Stella I am in my middle ring (large since I ride 22/34 2x9) on most of the trails. I am usually going fast enough that I need to pay attention to the trail in front of me. This winter I was introduced to a few new trails but the two times I have rode them it has been in a group and the pace was fairly brisk. But today after a month of illness, I rode nice and easy in my granny most of the time and rode some of the "new" trails pretty slow. On one particular trail, I was overcome with the sense that I was in an ancient forest. It's a feeling I get when in old growth forests of the Pacific Northwest, redwood forests of the Northern California Coast, or the giant sequoias of the Sierra. It's a feeling of wisdom, of peace, of nature in perfect harmony. Yet Stella exists on Weyerhauser property and there are no old growth trees. But looking around I suddenly realized I was in a graveyard...a graveyard of an ancient forest and the headstones were all around me. The feeling invigorated my soul and left me feeling refreshed. Here are some pictures (sorry for the resolution, I only had my cell phone with me) of the headstones.

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