Sunday, October 17, 2010

Growlers Gulch Hill Climbing Championship

Well I really didn't think I was even remotely able to participate in anything labeled "climbing championship". Not only am I not in very great shape right now but I have a love/hate relationship with gravity. See I am a pretty good descender but I would call my climbing ability "surviving". I really wanted to participate in the Super D last month but a pesky case of poison oak which turned into a staph infection knocked me out of that. Jeep kept pestering me to participate so I caved in thinking I would easily finish dead last. Read my post from last week, I couldn't climb crap!

But somehow, despite a lack of fitness, I was able to hold my own yesterday. Good thing technical skill was as important as fitness on these climbs. I was able to "mask" my lack of fitness with a few smooth lines and actually ride some of the hills quite well. As soon as the results are posted I will show them here, along with the video that I'm sure Jeep will produce.

Final Results...16th out of 36 riders

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