Sunday, May 23, 2010

Riding with Ghosts of Ancient Giants

Normally when I ride Stella I am in my middle ring (large since I ride 22/34 2x9) on most of the trails. I am usually going fast enough that I need to pay attention to the trail in front of me. This winter I was introduced to a few new trails but the two times I have rode them it has been in a group and the pace was fairly brisk. But today after a month of illness, I rode nice and easy in my granny most of the time and rode some of the "new" trails pretty slow. On one particular trail, I was overcome with the sense that I was in an ancient forest. It's a feeling I get when in old growth forests of the Pacific Northwest, redwood forests of the Northern California Coast, or the giant sequoias of the Sierra. It's a feeling of wisdom, of peace, of nature in perfect harmony. Yet Stella exists on Weyerhauser property and there are no old growth trees. But looking around I suddenly realized I was in a graveyard...a graveyard of an ancient forest and the headstones were all around me. The feeling invigorated my soul and left me feeling refreshed. Here are some pictures (sorry for the resolution, I only had my cell phone with me) of the headstones.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

April in the dumps

April was not a kind month for me, I got a total of two rides in the entire month! My health has been faltering for a few months prior and it all came to a head in April. First, I got diagnosed with Sleep Apnea. Turns out having a small mouth and lower jaw combined with a large tongue is bad. So that explained why I have not been recovering from rides and my fatigue levels had been on the rise. Then, right after spending the night at the Hospital for my sleep study...I came down with a nasty chest cold that turned into Bronchitis. And just when I was recovering from that, I get a nasty ear infection that goes bad and I'm now dealing with a ruptured ear drum. And to make matters worse, to get in for my ear I had to see a doctor that is not my normal physician and he prescribed me a sulfa drug for some reason. Well guess what, turns out I am allergic to sulfa drugs so that made me even sicker. So while I might be out another week or so recovering, I am looking forward to nicer weather and my health improving so I can get out and ride again!