Friday, January 21, 2011

Getting out riding and some minor improvements to the 29er

Well now that I have survived the holiday season, I am starting to get back out on the bike. I have made a couple improvements to my bike that I think will make a difference. First I replaced the rear wheel with a SLX rear hub on a DT 470 rim. The previous hub had only 16 POE (Points Of Engagement) which when riding in the granny gear is very noticeable on log crossings. The SLX hub has 32 POE so the gear will "catch" sooner when doing the quick accelerations needed to clear the logs. This hub uses a center lock rotor arrangement so I had to order a rotor as well. The Shimano rotor works just fine with my Avid Juicy brakes. The other improvement was a SLX front derailleur which I got lightly used for a good price. The old Deore I had was starting to have issues shifting due to play in the pivots. The new SLX is significantly stiffer so the shifts are much crisper.