Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Building a new wheel

I've probably built 100 wheels in my lifetime. But I haven't built one since 2004 so I have been contemplating building a new one for a while. First I needed to find the right hub. I got a brand new WTB LaserDisc Lite rear hub for $50!!! They normally retail for $275 and this is the newest version with stainless steel bearings and steel inserts on the aluminum freehub body to prevent a cassette from gouging. Sweet hub and a great price.

Then it was time to select a rim, spokes, and nipples. I debated over the rims but settled on the Sun EQ27 29er rim. It is a good rim that is reasonably light and should convert to tubeless fairly easy. For spokes I picked my favorite Wheelsmith DB14 (2.0-1.7-2.0) and brass nipples. 32h and 3x lacing.

Wheel weight should come out at just under 1000g which is fairly light for a rear 29er wheel with a 27mm wide rim.

Pictures to follow

UPDATE-I built the wheel this weekend, it came out real nice and a total weight of 1100g including the tubeless rim tape.

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