Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Making of a Huffy 29er

OK, it isn't really a Huffy...but the welds and "craftsmenship" from the Chinese factory are not far off. The bike started out as a Dawes Bullseye from Bikes Direct for $350. Here is what it looks like stock, notice the lack of decals which I liked.

After receiving the bike, I sold the Avid BB5 brakes (with 160 Avid rotors and adapters I had sitting around) to a friend who was in need of some disc brakes cheap. I sold the wheelset and crankset/bb to another guy that I know from a few rides in my area. I had a good collection of parts left over from my Access XCL 9r that broke. First thing was to make a 1 x 9 out of it as I am not quite ready for a singlespeed (maybe later). I installed my Truvativ FireX GXP crankset with a 32t Salsa unramped ring and BBG Bash up front. Next I installed a rear SLX/DT 470 wheels in the back and a Wheeltech (Novatec)/WTB SpeedDisc XC wheels up front secured with bolt on skewers. The rear SLX hub uses a Alligator centerlock adapter. 185mm disc rotors were used with my Avid Juicy 5 brakes complete with obnoxious orange housing which seems fitting for looking like a clunker. A mid cage X-7 rear derailleur with a older X-9 shifter were installed with some Origin-8 Space Bar OR handlebars. So now I had a 1 x 9 setup, but one thing was missing...Huffy Decals!!! Yes I found a set on E-Bay complete with 4130 Cro-Mo advertising which is what the frame is. Perfect!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Stella was sloppy

I don't think I have ever ridden up at Stella with the trails that sloppy. I mean it was downright slick! Lots of good practice keeping the bike upright.

The new Special Ed is really starting to shine for me. Now that I am once again getting used to full suspension after a three year absence, I am finding I am running the shock full open instead of in Pro-Pedal a lot more. The bike is downright scary fast on descents and the excellent Avid Elixer brakes are wonderful to reign in all that speed. With the addition of the Ragley Carnegie's Bars, the bike feels dialed now.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Continuing to get rides in between rain storms

Yep, the weather continues to be absolute shit in the Pacific NW. But somehow I have managed to sneak a few rides in without getting rained on. This past weekend I ended up guiding two guys around Growlers Gulch for about three hours. We rode several of the lower trails before heading up to the top of Legacy. We then enjoyed a bomber downhill before one of the guys took a header and broke his helmet. He's fine...but we took the logging road back as a precautionary measure.