Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Another lovely day of riding

The sun has been shining here in the Pacific NW and the trails are in fantastic condition. I met up with Jeep, Muldoon, Davy Sprocket, and the Crumpster for a nice pre-Superbowl ride. Jeep promised a "sub-glacial" pace which is right up my alley. However, the person who was going to ride with us (and is one of the few slower than me on climbs) locked his keys in his car and couldn't be convinced to break a window to get in. We headed out from the yellow gate and up the Heart Attack climb, which I made without stopping...a good sign. Then off to Big Easy, and I cleared the painfully steep but short climb out, another good sign. Then into Carnage, Piece, and Pound where I quickly figured out that the pace would be a little more than "sub-glacial". I had to back off the pace so I didn't blow up but the guys waited for me at the end of the trail. I wasn't too far behind. Then up the 9312 and the 9313 "Wall" to the tank trap and onto the Legacy trail. Muldoon and I chose to take the discounted path and shortcut the Legacy climb...I hate that climb anyway! The view from the top was as pleasant as ever with a panoramic view of the Olympic range, Rainier, Adams, St. Helens, and Hood. Some claimed they could see Jefferson too but I wasn't convinced.

From the top we bombed the Legacy descent and then into the silent but deadly WTF trail with the off camber turns and randomly placed stumps trying to grab your tires if you miss the line.WTF has claimed its fair share of victims over the short lifespan of the trail. I've gotten a few bruises and scrapes but nothing major from it. Then down Vortex which is a absolute blast. The corners are all bermed and the trail just flows. What a blast, easily one of my favorite trails. I finished it off with my maiden run down Little Sister then rode the logging roads back to the car. A good solid three hours of riding and while I was slow on the climbs, I didn't walk them (except short-cutting Legacy).