Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Is it time for a paradigm shift?

I'm finally healthy and riding regularly again. So far I have almost exclusively rode my $400 29er single speed that weighs just a pound less than my $2500 5" travel full suspension 29er.

But mid ride tonight I realized something...I was enjoying the challenge and simplicity of the single speed so much that I started to wonder if I really need my full suspension. Sure it provides a comfortable ride and it is a blast to bomb down trails. But I also find that the potential of that full suspension is more than I need or even want these days. And when I do ride my full suspension, especially in the mud...I spend a lot of time on maintenance. On the rigid SS, I have to pick my lines carefully and work on keeping my momentum. I ride slower on the SS but it requires more skill, more precision. And guess what I do at the end of the ride? I hang the SS in the garage and walk away (for the most part).

Severe illness has changed my life, I am slowing down and appreciating the simple things. Maybe my bike(s) will reflect that in the near future.

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