Friday, December 21, 2012

Down to one mountain bike

OK, I took the plunge and sold my full suspension FSR. I now have just my Origin 8 as a single speed and also I have a 1 x 10 drivetrain to install should I feel the need. I am now full rigid steel!!!
I'm running a 2.2" Specialized Purgatory in the rear and a 2.4" in the front for some extra volume and cushion. The front fork is now a Surly Karate Monkey model which is both lighter and have greater clearance up front. And finally I am running my Carnegie's Bars with ESI grips. The WTB wheelset is awesome and I have become a fan of the American Classic design hubs which are fairly quiet and spin forever. Yes they engage slowly but no worse than the Shimano hubs I've been using for years. The rims are fantastic, with the tubeless ready tires mounting up with no tools and seating with just a floor pump.

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