Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Is it time for a paradigm shift?

I'm finally healthy and riding regularly again. So far I have almost exclusively rode my $400 29er single speed that weighs just a pound less than my $2500 5" travel full suspension 29er.

But mid ride tonight I realized something...I was enjoying the challenge and simplicity of the single speed so much that I started to wonder if I really need my full suspension. Sure it provides a comfortable ride and it is a blast to bomb down trails. But I also find that the potential of that full suspension is more than I need or even want these days. And when I do ride my full suspension, especially in the mud...I spend a lot of time on maintenance. On the rigid SS, I have to pick my lines carefully and work on keeping my momentum. I ride slower on the SS but it requires more skill, more precision. And guess what I do at the end of the ride? I hang the SS in the garage and walk away (for the most part).

Severe illness has changed my life, I am slowing down and appreciating the simple things. Maybe my bike(s) will reflect that in the near future.

Monday, July 30, 2012

More wheel building to come

I've built up a front Stan's ZTR HD 20mm front hub on a Sun Ringle Inferno 27 rim with Wheelsmith DB14 spookes and I unlaced my WTB Laserdisc Lite hub from the Sun Ringle EQ 27 rim and relaced it to a Shimano M529 hub using the same spokes. I now have a pair of Stan's Flow 29er rims to build on the rear Laserdisc Lite and front Laserdisc Super Duty front 20mm hub with Sapim Race spokes. But to make sure I'm getting it right I picked up one of these.

Finally getting healthy...and riding

I had my second UC surgery on May 7th of this year and I am finally getting back to riding. I have managed to get three road rides in in the past month or so as well as a mountain bike ride on my single speed no less! No more pain, no more bleeding...yes it hurts to start riding again but it is a good pain. I would be riding more but I am also very busy with fixing up a new home so this summer has been limited for riding days. Here are a couple low quality cell phone pictures.
I hope to be able to start maintaining this blog again with lots of adventures and projects up coming. Till then I'm Rollin' With No Colon!