Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Finally completing a wheelset

About two years ago I laced up a "backup" wheel as my first wheel build that I had done in about eight years. It all came naturally and the wheel turned out really nice. The problem was that I got the rim on clearance and didn't think to buy two. I've been looking for a matching rim for a front wheel for a good year and a half.

Last week I found a Sun EQ27 on Ebay, new for $26 shipped which is cheaper than I bought the first one on "clearance". I then picked up a Novatec D041 front hub for $25 and purchased some Sapim Race spokes and brass nipples which were the largest expense at $32 shipped. Yesterday I laced it up, got my tension nice and even and now I have my backup wheels. I got some semi-slick tires on them that I only paid $10 a piece for and I figure when the family heads to places like Sunriver I'll throw these on (I got an extra set of rotors not shown in the picture) the 29er.


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