Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Time to revive this blog

So I am looking forward to getting back on the bike after have a bilateral hip replacement in January. When I was really sick with Ulcerative Colitis the doctors gave me high doses of prednesone. While this likely saved my life at the time, it caused me to have necrosis in both my hips. This necessitated replacements so I had both of them done at the same time. They are premium titanium replacements with ceramic ball joints. If only my bikes were titanium with ceramic bearings! Anyway as I have been recovering I decided to make a wheelset change to my 1 x 10. I decided I wanted some WIDE rims to run some nice wide 29er tires on. I got a good deal on some Novatec hubs which are some of my favorite Asian made sealed cartridge bearing product. I then got a pretty good deal on a pair of Velocity Blunt 35 rims and ordered my favorite Sapim Race spokes. All in all I spent about $300 on the parts and then laced them up myself. I found the Velocity rims to build up nice, with even tension. I then threw on a set of Geax Gato TNT tires for the full tubeless effect. I read a review on Twenty-Nine Inches on these tested on a similar set of 35mm wide Salsa rims by a tester who is similar in size to me. He recommends running them low, around 18 psi so that is what I am going to do.

On another note, my alter ego now has a name...Nails. There are two reasons for this name. First and foremost is that despite everything I have gone through I am still ticking, still riding, still working. There are very few who would argue that I am anything short of "Tough as Nails". On a lighter note, sometimes you're the hammer and sometimes you're the nail...I've been the nail a lot the last three years!


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