Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Traded a bike for bike

Last Saturday I drove up to Kelso to meet a guy from North of Seattle. We had been talking on the phone about a possible trade of bicycles. I had my much loved but not rode very much the last couple years Landshark that he was very interested in. He had a touring style Rodriguez bike that is made up in Seattle. We met up to look at each other's bikes and agreed on a strait trade. I believe each of will be happy with our "new" bikes. Of course I have to make the Rodriguez my own by switching out a few components. Not because there is anything wrong with the existing components, but just because I have certain preferences. So off go the wheels (low spoke count cross wheelset) for a nice 32 spoke wheels more suited for my style. I also like metal over carbon fiber, so seatpost and crankset have to go. No worries though, it will all be a clean build when I'm done. Pictures to follow soon.


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