Monday, November 24, 2014

Adding "Suspension" to my bike

OK, not really suspension but rather larger volume tires. I've got a 2.4" big volume Specialized Purgatory Control in back with a few mm's to spare on the chainstays. Up front I've installed a Vee Rubber Trax 3.0" tire. Actual width is closer to 2.8" but it is BIG! The Karate Monkey fork has plenty of clearance for this tire. Both are set up tubeless on Velocity Blunt 35 rims.

I have also replaced the SLX rear derailleur and shifter with a SRAM X7 combo. The SLX rear derailleur actually made contact with my chain on the arm extension that is part of the "shadow" design. It also made removing the rear wheel impossible without removing the chain. The X7 doesn't share this issue so I gave Shimano a valid try (and other than the issues mentioned, liked it) but I am back to SRAM.

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