Monday, March 31, 2014

Lots of house renovation going on

Sorry for the lack of posts, currently in the middle of a $38k external house renovation. I've added a link or two for some of my favorite mountain and gravel grinder web pages.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

More photo's of Hector

Water bottle cages, saddle bag, and pump installed.

Front view with the light 90 gram Planet X stem

No good touring and gravel grinder bike should go without the proper tools

The drive side with a new SRAM Apex 50/34 crankset. Handlebar and saddle height is set for comfort.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Bike situation is finally getting settled

I have the Origin 8 set the way I like it with the possible exception of adding a 42t cog on the rear cassette as they become more available. Tires, wheels, headset, crankset, pedals are all set. Can't wait to take it out on the trail.

Meanwhile I have been working on a Touring and Gravel Grinder bike. The frame is a Rodriquez Adventure OX Platinum frame and an alloy Adventure Touring fork. I got it fitted with the parts I prefer and it is ready for a ride soon. This bike has a aura, a feel...a name came to me right away...Hector


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Traded a bike for bike

Last Saturday I drove up to Kelso to meet a guy from North of Seattle. We had been talking on the phone about a possible trade of bicycles. I had my much loved but not rode very much the last couple years Landshark that he was very interested in. He had a touring style Rodriguez bike that is made up in Seattle. We met up to look at each other's bikes and agreed on a strait trade. I believe each of will be happy with our "new" bikes. Of course I have to make the Rodriguez my own by switching out a few components. Not because there is anything wrong with the existing components, but just because I have certain preferences. So off go the wheels (low spoke count cross wheelset) for a nice 32 spoke wheels more suited for my style. I also like metal over carbon fiber, so seatpost and crankset have to go. No worries though, it will all be a clean build when I'm done. Pictures to follow soon.