Sunday, January 11, 2015

Wheelset #1

OK, so it's been about a year since my last build so I wanted to start with some rims that might have a large margin of error in my build. The SunRingle MTX33 rims are just that, they are super bomber at 760 grams per hoop for the 29er version. Not svelte by any stretch of the imagination. I started with the front, laced them up, and started to tension them. I had one little lacing error that took me about 15 minutes and a bit of swearing to figure out. Once figured out though it turned out to be a simple fix and I continued. Interestingly enough, I made the same mistake on the rear wheel but it only took about 15 seconds to figure out. In the end both came out very good with nice even tension on each side and true withing ~0.5mm.

I priced this build out at Universal Cycles and it came in at $335 plus shipping. I am selling these for $250 shipped so this is a great bargain. The weight is 2780 grams, yea they are some fucking tanks but they'll probably last forever.

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